Entry: It's alivvvvvvve! Monday, November 23, 2009

Yeah, I'm still here!  Working on the holiday knitting.  I innocently asked a friend, we'll call her 'Penny', for a couple skeins of acrylic from her stash to match some ombres I had.  I'm using them for the WWII Museum's Knit-Your-Bit campaign.  They collect and distribute scarves to Veterans' hospitals and centers.  They'll also take lap blankets and afghans.

A few days later she shows up and dumps this on my doorstep.  And promptly flees amid my protests.

That's 5 trash bags full.

I counted them, there are 100 skeins there!  100 skeins!  And a good deal of them are the big 8 and 16 oz. ones.

I have such a wonderful and generous friend, I'm overwhelmed!  She went through her stash and picked coordinating colors.  So far I've made about 4 or 5 lapghans. 

They're a great go-to project(as are the scarves) for when you need a busy-hands-no-thinking-project.  I always have a blankie and a scarf on the needles to work on in between other stuff.

PS: the sweater is done except for the sleeves. Oh the shame.  It fits well, I have the buttons, but I put it down and haven't picked it back up.  Hangs head...



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November 29, 2009   02:02 PM PST
Ack, I don't know if that is kindness or urge to de-stash. I admire your will to knit all that acrylic for a good cause!
November 24, 2009   11:15 AM PST
Holy calzones! That is a lot of yarn! You are both to be commended. What a great service.

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