Entry: I can't believe I'm makin a glove! Tuesday, May 05, 2009

But I am!  I love the way they're coming out too!  Love that self-patterning yarn.  The pattern is from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd.  Knitting the fingers is very fiddly for my huge man-hands.  I even bought some wee little short needles to help and it's still a challenge.  They've been thumb and index fingerless for a while now while I knit scarves and washcloths.  I'm guessing I'll pick them up again before next winter...


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June 23, 2009   10:11 AM PDT
WOW! It looks great! I need to get organized on my prjects and figure out what I want to make for gifts this year. I seriously need to start soon if I expect to finish anything.

Hope Puff is feeling better!
May 24, 2009   02:11 AM PDT
I'm impressed by what you've accomplished. And I love that yarn. I had no idea that Red Heart made such a pretty sort of jacquard like sock yarn weight. Hmmm.. Very nice yarn.

I like to make sf gloves, too. Never did the full fingered ones, though.
May 10, 2009   11:41 PM PDT
They're great! What I hate about gloves is all those ends to weave in. I do believe you have plenty of time to finish them before winter comes.

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