Entry: Bargain Socks Thursday, January 29, 2009

In between feeding the army of cats and cleaning litterboxes(believe me there's a lot of it), I picked up these socks again.  I think the last time I worked on them was the infamous 9 hour flight from Galveston or maybe at the doctor's office.  That would be June.  They're nearly done, and will probably get thrown in the box of shame.  I like the socks well enough, I don't have second sock syndrome, rather I have 'weaving in the ends' syndrome.  I've posted before about the box of perfectly lovely socks finished but for the dangling ends.  Of course this doesn't apply to gift socks.  I force myself to Finish them.

Anyway, I got a few single balls of self striping and jacquards from the clearance bin a whille ago and matched them up with Knitpicks solids so as to get a pair.  Oddly, I have about 1/3 skein of the stripes left!  Did not expect that.

Truthfully, I'm at loose ends, so to speak, about knitting right now. I have a ton of yarn, but am not really inspired.  I've been doing busywork.  fingerless mitts, another Dumpling bag, finishing these socks.  Just keeping the hands busy.

See what I mean?  Barbie got a sweater!  Poor thing doesn't have decent pants, or a shirt for that matter, but she's got a fabulous new 100% wool hand knit sweater!  From Knits for Barbie by Nicky Epstein.  Retro Barbie case from W*lm*rt.


May 1, 2009   08:13 PM PDT
Love The Barbie Sweater Coat!!!!
She is right in style with her "capris"....
February 2, 2009   09:47 AM PST
Those socks are FABULOUS! And Barbie's pink sweater is perfect!
February 1, 2009   09:33 PM PST
Love the socks and the sweater!

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