Entry: More knitting... Monday, January 12, 2009


Pink girly bibs and washcloths!  Having grandnephews, I don't get to knit pink things very often, but one of the gals who works where my teeny tiny knitting group meet told us she had a 3 month old baby girl.  Tell knitters that and what happens?  We drop everything and knit pink.  My knitting buddy made a gorgeous pink ruffly blankie in record time.  The bib pattern is the Modern Cabled Baby Bib on Ravelry.

And some mitts, for the SIL.  She's tiny, I'm not.  These have a lot of stretch, so I was able to try them on.

And I liked the bib so much, I copied another Raveler's idea for the two tone and made it into a washcloth.  It's a very fast fun knit and takes only a little of each color, good for using up leftovers!


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June 8, 2011   09:56 PM PDT
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January 19, 2009   12:50 AM PST
The bibs are wonderful, I love the cable.

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