Entry: It's a miracle! Monday, December 01, 2008

Alternate title: How I found religion in my toast.

No miracles here, just a nifty toast thingy.  Embosser?  I ventured to the mall on Wednesday to pick up some gift cards from Anthropologie for the nieces.  If only my kitchen could look like the kitchen area at Anthropologie, I'd die a happy woman!  Anyway, since I don't go to the mall often, I hit up a couple other stores, one of the favorites being Urban Outfitters.  They always have such cool, weird, retro, kitchsy stuff there.

I got some Christmas cards, a sock monkey ornament, and this Holy Toast maker thingy.  Cause who doesn't need a little holy on their toast!  Please note, I'm not poking fun at religion, it's just funny when people see Jesus in their English Muffin or Nixon in their potato chip(see Johnny Carson).  My only disapointment is that it's not Elvis.


December 13, 2008   10:50 PM PST
HA HA I love this!!! I just have one that says I love you but this is better!

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