Entry: They may look all sweet and innocent... Thursday, November 20, 2008

But they might just do me in!  I'm working on these scarves for the WWII Museum; every year they collect them for distribution to veterans.  Since they request easy-care acrylic, I've been picking up Simply Soft when I see it on sale.  The problem occurs when I have just a little left over yarn.  Then I need to get some more to use up what I have.  It never ends!  And the pattern is a simple mistake rib, mind numbingly simple.  I'm usually all over mind-numbing, but I do have my limits.  I have enough yarn to probably make two more and that will be it!  I set out to make 3...

We planted some late carrots from seed.  It seems like they've been in the ground forever, but this is what we got, carrots for Barbie!  It was well below freezing the other night, so I had to pull them.  The birdbath froze completely solid.  The weather's been fairly mild so I didn't expect winter to come over night!


November 27, 2008   12:54 PM PST
HAHA I Love the carrots!!!
November 20, 2008   11:56 PM PST
I like how you combined the colors for the scarves. I'm sorry about your stunted carrots.

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