Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Rest well, Sweet little Randy

You weren't our kitty nearly long enough.  I'm glad we got a little good petting in before you had to leave us.  We hope we did the best for you.  We'll never forget you.

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Monday, February 09, 2009
Getting back the Mojo

I'm trying to get back the knitting mojo.  Ravelry helps.  Although sometimes it seems I spend way too much time shopping for yarn, browsing other peoples' projects, and reading about knitting, than actually knitting.

I had a couple false starts, including a nice pattern for a shrug.  I like the pattern, enjoyed the knitting, it's coming out the way it should, but I'm not feeling the yarn, Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky.  I have it 85% done and I may frog it!  I think it would be nicer in a thinner yarn, same big needles, resulting in a looser gauge.  Maybe a cotton.  I loves my cottons.

But I did start a few little things...
First, a cable mitten from a 1981 Leisure Arts booklet.  I don't remember having that booklet prior to moving into this house which was in (gulp)1987, but it's certainly endured for quite a while until Puff put his teethy marks into it over the weekend.  Sigh.  Since the pattern was written for 2 needles, I adapted it for the round since I'm lazy and don't wanna sew no stinkin seams!  And more socks, of course.  This yarn looks like a muted version of the Red Heart sock yarn, but it's Paton's.  I like it, it's manly enough for the husband.  We have sock issues.

A dish towel from the lovely bib pattern.  The color is more mustardy that it appears.  It's a ball of Lion Kitchen Cotton found at a rummage sale a few months ago, someone had started it from the outside and rewound it.  I just came across it again in a bag sitting next to the half skein of Sugar and Cream and they looked really nice together, the mustards are about the same color.

So there you go. Therapeutic knitting.  Nothing challenging, in between cats and litter boxes and cat medicines and outside cats and feeding cats...

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Thursday, January 29, 2009
Bargain Socks

In between feeding the army of cats and cleaning litterboxes(believe me there's a lot of it), I picked up these socks again.  I think the last time I worked on them was the infamous 9 hour flight from Galveston or maybe at the doctor's office.  That would be June.  They're nearly done, and will probably get thrown in the box of shame.  I like the socks well enough, I don't have second sock syndrome, rather I have 'weaving in the ends' syndrome.  I've posted before about the box of perfectly lovely socks finished but for the dangling ends.  Of course this doesn't apply to gift socks.  I force myself to Finish them.

Anyway, I got a few single balls of self striping and jacquards from the clearance bin a whille ago and matched them up with Knitpicks solids so as to get a pair.  Oddly, I have about 1/3 skein of the stripes left!  Did not expect that.

Truthfully, I'm at loose ends, so to speak, about knitting right now. I have a ton of yarn, but am not really inspired.  I've been doing busywork.  fingerless mitts, another Dumpling bag, finishing these socks.  Just keeping the hands busy.

See what I mean?  Barbie got a sweater!  Poor thing doesn't have decent pants, or a shirt for that matter, but she's got a fabulous new 100% wool hand knit sweater!  From Knits for Barbie by Nicky Epstein.  Retro Barbie case from W*lm*rt.

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Friday, January 16, 2009
Proud to be a New Yorker

It's often been said that the city's worst moments prove to be New Yorkers' finest hours.  Once again this was demonstrated last night when the people of New York rushed to aid the downed jet in the Hudson River.

The amazing skill of the pilot was perfectly complemented by the willingness of those who could, to help.  There's no doubt that the quick action by the water taxi and ferry captains was invaluable to the rescue.  Even the Circle Line was there!

And today the husband flies out of JFK...

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Monday, January 12, 2009
More knitting...


Pink girly bibs and washcloths!  Having grandnephews, I don't get to knit pink things very often, but one of the gals who works where my teeny tiny knitting group meet told us she had a 3 month old baby girl.  Tell knitters that and what happens?  We drop everything and knit pink.  My knitting buddy made a gorgeous pink ruffly blankie in record time.  The bib pattern is the Modern Cabled Baby Bib on Ravelry.

And some mitts, for the SIL.  She's tiny, I'm not.  These have a lot of stretch, so I was able to try them on.

And I liked the bib so much, I copied another Raveler's idea for the two tone and made it into a washcloth.  It's a very fast fun knit and takes only a little of each color, good for using up leftovers!

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Recovery for me, that is!  I'm getting the energy back.  All the Holiday knitting and baking got done in time, well just barely!

Trio of Dumpling Bags, for the nieces.  I used them as stockings to tuck little things inside, including some fingerless mitts.  Overall I'm happy with the result, although you can tell I lose creativity when it comes to the embroidery.

This is the Chanson en Crochet from Interweave Knits, I believe it was a free pattern.  I think the errata for the pattern hadn't yet been published when I made it back in February, so I had to wrangle with it.  It's Paton's SWS, soy and wool. I'm quite confident it will look way better on the niece than on me!

Now somewhere I have to find the pictures of the mitts and the socks for the husband and brother!  And of course I'm still working on stuff for the in-laws, but I've got a little time with that.

And here's the Randycat in his new bigger crate.  We realized he's gonna be in the crate for a while, so we went to Petsmart and got the 48" one and he's got lots more room.  He's pretty calm, some ferals go nuts.  He's still got pretty bad diarrhea, but right now I'm giving him a break between antibiotics.  He's got to start some probiotics for the kidneys, so I'm hoping they'll help the tummy too.

Of course the diarrhea can be caused by a number of things.  One is bacteria, we've already tried two different antibiotics, and have a third, but I'm giving the poor guy a break and a chance to enjoy his food(since any meds he has have to be mixed in).  He was wormed and got a tapeworm treatment so that should help.  It could also be caused by his FIV, in which case the antibiotics won't help.  I've already tried pumpkin in his food, and have moved on to adding some good old white rice.  I'm figuring addressing the symptom is not going to hurt.  If I thought I could get some tea and toast into the fella I probably would, lol!  Remember the BRAT diet for tummy ailments?  Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast.  Hmm, babyfood bananas, now there's a thought...

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Monday, December 15, 2008
I. am. exhausted.

OK, it's the holiday season, gifts to buy (& make!), tasty treats to bake, and all that crap.  I usually enjoy most of it, but to be honest I am a 4th quarter player, and perform best that way.  I was that way at work too, lax til the end, then final hard push and get things finished brilliantly.

This year in addition to the holidays, we've been adopted by a feral cat.   Remember the impossible-to-trap orange kitty?  We trapped him!  It took a 'drop trap', and some bungling around like 2 of the 3 Stooges(neither smart enough to be Moe), but we did it.  A drop trap is exactly what it sounds like, a box like contraption propped up by a stick with a string.  Put food under it,  kitty goes to eat, pull the string, simple right?  Then you manuever the kity into a traditional trap via a sliding door. That part-not so simple, be we did it!

Anyway, brought Randy to the vet for exam and neutering.  I also had a full blood workup done on him.  Turns out he has FIV(kitty aids), and a mild positive for feline leukemia.  Sigh.

First off, Dr. Senk from the Long Island Cat Project is amazing.  I had a list of things I wanted her to address.  She called me to let me know of his test results.  Feral cats who test positive are usually euthanized, so putting him back out was not an option.  So I asked if I could keep him in, but isolated from the housecats.  I was pretty surprised when she said yes, absolutely.  As long as he has a good appetite he deserved a chance, just wash your hands after being with him.  So we're giving him that chance.

Let me tell you he got the royal treatment.  Neuter, 4 teeth pulled and his teeth cleaned, a cut on his tail sutured, a lump in his mouth got a cortisone shot, wormed, flea treatment, a bath and grooming!  The world needs more people like Dr. Senk and her staff.  She went down the entire list of items with me, and sent him home with medicine and a special diet for his diarrhea.

I brough him home in a small cat carrier and put it in a metal cage-like dog crate, with a dark sheet over it.  Just like this. We weren't sure if he'd freak out being inside.   I waited a couple hours to open the carrier and feed him.  When he came right out of the carrier and gobbled up his dinner, I cried!  He had a good long drink of water too.  He was still pretty subdued after his big ordeal, but I felt better, that's for sure.

He used the litter box without even being shown!  He's not freaking out, but understandably he's scared.  This being a spoiled housecat thing is new to him.  After eating he retreats into the carrier.  But he's not cowering, just cautious.

Since he had teeth pulled on Thursday, I waited to put out his dry food until Saturday and he gobbled that up too!  He gets dry kitten food, as much as he wants,  to fatten him up.  He only weighed 6.1 lbs.  I knew he was skinny, but that was a little shocking.  He's got a good winter coat which disguised his skinniness.

His blood work came back from the lab and he's also in the beginning stages of kidney failure, not uncommon in older cats.  He drinks and pees a lot.  But we're addressing that with good quality gluten free cat food.  All foods you can get at the pet food store, I found a lot of info on the internet.  Checking labels for ingredients shows which flavors of Fancy Feast, Friskies, or whatever are gluten free.  Easy.

So we're working on resolving his tummy issues, putting some weight on him, arresting his kidney problems, and socializing a full grown feral cat!  Easy peasy, right?

So I woke up this morning and discovered I was down to my last pair of clean underwear.  And I only got lucky with that because it was buried under some camisoles. Time to do laundry...

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008
It's curtains for you!

I got these sweet old curtains at a rummage sale a while ago.  They were kind of an odd configuration, one normal size valance, one tiny wee valance, and a teeny tiny pair of cafe curtains.  They weren't in the best of shape, a few stains, and some of the balls had fallen off the ball fringe.  But I loved the vintage santa and candy cane pattern, so I threw them in my bag for a quarter or a dollar or whatever they were.  Then they sat in the basement for a few months until I finally threw them in the washer where they lost even more of their balls :(

And I really didn't know what to do with the weird setup.  I actually thought maybe I'd make an apron or something.  But then I put the normal valance in the dining room just to see how  it would look.

Missing balls aside, it looked pretty cute.  So then I thought of fashioning a matching valance from the remaining pieces, but they weren't all that big.  Then it hit to to just put them up as they are, the cafes on either end, wee valance in the middle.  Since nothing is as easy as  it seems, the rod pockets on the cafe pieces were too narrow for my rod.  Strange, considering the two valance pieces were fine.  There was a generous hem though and I was able to remove the stitching and re-do it a bit wider.

So I'm pretty happy.  I think the ball fringe really makes the look though, so I'm thinking about replacing it.  I think just removing it would leave them naked, lol.  So they're going to remain more shabby than chic for right now!

(The souvenir trays don't normally live over the windows, I just need to find a permanent home for them!)

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Monday, December 01, 2008
It's a miracle!

Alternate title: How I found religion in my toast.

No miracles here, just a nifty toast thingy.  Embosser?  I ventured to the mall on Wednesday to pick up some gift cards from Anthropologie for the nieces.  If only my kitchen could look like the kitchen area at Anthropologie, I'd die a happy woman!  Anyway, since I don't go to the mall often, I hit up a couple other stores, one of the favorites being Urban Outfitters.  They always have such cool, weird, retro, kitchsy stuff there.

I got some Christmas cards, a sock monkey ornament, and this Holy Toast maker thingy.  Cause who doesn't need a little holy on their toast!  Please note, I'm not poking fun at religion, it's just funny when people see Jesus in their English Muffin or Nixon in their potato chip(see Johnny Carson).  My only disapointment is that it's not Elvis.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008
They may look all sweet and innocent...

But they might just do me in!  I'm working on these scarves for the WWII Museum; every year they collect them for distribution to veterans.  Since they request easy-care acrylic, I've been picking up Simply Soft when I see it on sale.  The problem occurs when I have just a little left over yarn.  Then I need to get some more to use up what I have.  It never ends!  And the pattern is a simple mistake rib, mind numbingly simple.  I'm usually all over mind-numbing, but I do have my limits.  I have enough yarn to probably make two more and that will be it!  I set out to make 3...

We planted some late carrots from seed.  It seems like they've been in the ground forever, but this is what we got, carrots for Barbie!  It was well below freezing the other night, so I had to pull them.  The birdbath froze completely solid.  The weather's been fairly mild so I didn't expect winter to come over night!

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